our vision


develop a hypothesis based on individual needs across diverse medical specialties

specialize in inpatient and emergency department data at state- and national- levels in the US 

provide a high-quality methodology design and data analysis report

why data analysis?


data-based research studies are a gateway to a scholarly medical career

provides recognition from the scientific and research honors community

gives an opportunity to build relationships with pioneers in your specialty 

why data works?


our research analyst team consists of MD and PhD who are experts in hypothesis development and statistical analysis.

we have access to nationwide and state-level inpatient and emergency databases in the US

we provide methodology and data analysis report that is the core of an original research article

work process


Selected Poster Presentation and Young Investigator

Travel Grant Award Recipient in Poster Presentation 

Research Challenge Nominee in Presentation

Elected Full Member of Research Honors

Nominated as Fellow of Clinical Research

news/media coverage

American Heart Newsroom
Medscape Medical News
Healio Pediatric Neurology
American Heart Newsroom
Parkinson’s News Today
Medical News Today Psychiatry


We are driven to produce knowledge to cure disease, and have made significant discoveries in medical fields.

data works provides high-quality medical research-based data analysis and methodology support to the early-career scientists


practicing in academic center, community hospitals and private practice in the US


actively enrolled in ACGME-accredited training program in the US